Reinglen's "D" Litter


This is Lexi's third litter and her first with Harro.


The puppies are now all sold.


Merjuke Obsidian Princess of Reinglen (Lexi) is having this litter to Harro vom Heiligental of Reinglen (Harro). 7 puppies were born on the 4th of June 2016; 3 sable dogs, 2 black & tan dogs and 2 black bitches. The puppies will all be microchipped.


Pedigree of the puppies (PDF)


A blank copy of our sales contract can be found Here




Merjuke Obsidian Princess of Reinglen (Lexi) is topsize, level back with a sound temperament she has Kennel Club Good Citizens Dog Scheme Puppy, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum awards.

Lexi passed her AD (AUSDAUERPRÜFUNG) test on the 27th of September 2014, which is an endurance test where the dog runs 12 miles alongside a bike and then does obedience at the end.

This is Lexi's third litter


BVA Hipscores 6/6 = 12
Degenerative Myelopathy N/N




BVA Hipscores 6/4 = 10
Elbows 0
Degenerative Myelopathy N/N
Pituitary Dwarfism N/N

German SV a stamp scheme
HD - a fast normal
ED - Befund normal
DNA - geprüft

Harro vom Heiligental (Goran van Serburus x Tess vom Raubschlößchen) is a Working German Shepard Dog born on 17/12/13. Bred by Danielle Jonker and Geert Troonen at Kennel "vom Heiligental'. We brought him over from Germany at 15 weeks old, our plan is to compete in IPO with him.


Puppies from this mating have a coefficient of 0.0%

A full mating health summery for Lexi and Harro can be found Here.



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Reinglen's Night Life (Rex)

Reinglen's Emerald (Dennis)

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Lexi was scanned on the 6th of May, a video of the scan can be seen below.




Below are some pictures of Lexi and Harro.

Lexi Lexi Lexi Lexi